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Minor Piercing Requirements:

All minors under the age of 18 will be required to have the following:

  • Signed and Dated Piercing Minor Consent Form. The form needs to be

stamped by a Notary Public.  Per Suffolk County Code § 330-5, we

do need the notarized form, even with parent/guardian's presence.

  • Valid ID for minor, this can be in the form of School ID, Birth

Certificate, Passport, State ID, Learners Permit.

  • ID for Parent/Guardian. If parent's last name doesn't match minors,

bring in the minor's Birth Certificate. Mother, Father or Legal Guardian

on paperwork to be present during the piercing.

  • Legal Guardian must provide court paperwork proving guardianship.

  • A snack for before or after the piercing.


Below is a link to the minor consent form. There is a notary at Teachers

Federal Credit Union within walking distance (although they are closed

on Sundays), or they will have one at pretty much any bank. There is also at notary in the King Kullan shopping center at the UPS store (631-289-5370)

and now available at the library within walking distance from the studio (631-654-4700 x 152).


Be sure to have a meal prior to your arrival; that way blood sugar levels

aren't low (especially if getting multiple piercings).  We want people

feeling their best when getting pierced!  Plus, having lunch or dinner in the 

village, then heading home with new sparkly jewelry can create a treasured 

memory of a milestone moment!

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